Correcting common weight loss mistakes: Journaling for healthy diet goals, getting better sleep, eating nutrient rich foods and more.

Beyond Fitness offers fun, effective group and personal training from fitness expert Michele Vaughan

Walking is the simplest and most accessible form of exercise available to us. Humans have been doing it for centuries and our bodies and minds thrive when we walk more.

Here’s 8 convenient ways to train in or near your home, from using nothing but your own body to simple yet innovative tools that don’t take up a lot of space, to simply getting creative with every day activities.

The COVID-19 crisis has changed how we exercise, and the effects will last far longer than this pandemic. Becoming more self-sufficient and resilient is becoming a priority for everyone, and its time to gear up to exercise at home.

Michele Vaughan, creator of Beyond Fitness, providing fun, effective group and personal fitness

A combination of experience and education helps me curate a schedule that is balanced and fun, and covers all facets of fitness every week!

My Group Fitness schedule is now online! All classes are a friendly price of $10 per class. Scheduling, payment and joining the class is a breeze.

Fitness expert Michele Vaughan demonstrates a proprioception exercise with a med ball toss

Exercise immediately boosts immune response and starts your immune system on a search and destroy mission for pathogens