Close up view of a pile of beans on the left side, composited with a pile of candies on the right.

Highly processed foods and foods with sugar are not good for our health, but we need healthy sugar for our brain, kidneys, muscles and heart.

Fresh kale leaves on a counter top

Here are some great options for getting good sugars and carbohydrates in this week’s recipe for a simple, tasty and healthy kale salad. 

Music has the power to improve your moods

Music has the ability to affect our moods, change how we perceive the world, inspire us to move and be more positive.

Woman seen through a window sits on a tree trunk, looking into the distance.

Being stuck inside for a long time weakens our heart, lungs, muscles and brain function, affecting us even after the pandemic is over.

Woman meditating on the grass with mobile phone and exercise equipment.

Because of the pandemic, the future feels difficult and uncertain. Plan ahead to implement actions to counter feelings of hopelessness.