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Keeping a healthy routine of physical activity has improved my mood. It is helping me maintain a healthy diet, sleep better, and stay in shape. Plus watching Michele online makes me feel more connected to my classmates. Michele is a positive and upbeat teacher who always has a smile, which is so needed with this pandemic. I am so grateful for her tremendous effort and time she puts into each and every class she is teaching online!

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Our bodies crave movement for optimal health and joy. To stay inspired and keep improvements coming, you need an experienced, energetic coach who knows how to bring out the best in you day after day. From beginning exercisers to skilled athletes to Moms and daughters, I know exactly how to meet you where you are in life right now. You are more resilient than you realize.

When fitness is fun, accessible, and functional, you enjoy ongoing results and establish good life habits that combine exercise and nutrition aligned with your personal goals. Years of successfully working with a spectrum of students experiencing a variety of challenges informs every session of my teaching and coaching.

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What an incredible support you have been to me, always positive and steady, never critical. You have helped transform my body and make me strong… Much love!

Michele, I speak of you often to many about how much I admire you, how you are a person with grit, tenacity, and an incredible spirit of perseverance and vision. 

Thank you for your encouragement and guidance, Michele, and thank you for sharing five days with me! What a great group! Thank you for your inspiration, motivation, and willingness to share your commitment to fitness with us! It was just the jump start I needed!

Thank you for your encouragement and guidance Michele! …for sharing five days with me and for your inspiration, motivation, and willingness to share your commitment to fitness with us! It was just the jump start I needed!

Special Message From Michele

In times of stress and uncertainty, finding simple things we can control is vital.

Your body, mind, and health are three areas you have a great deal of control over, perhaps even more than you realize. Exercise provides a refuge where you can vent, feel connected to your personal strength, relieve stress and build a more resilient immune system. It just takes a little more creativity and dedication in times like these.

Michele Vaughan, creator of Beyond Fitness, providing fun, effective group and personal fitness

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